Best beaches in Naxos: Plaka & Agia Anna - Maragas Beach

The Beach

Maragas Beach is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece.
From the right side of the entrance is Maragas beach, followed by Agia Anna beach and after Agios Prokopios beach.
From the left side starts Plaka Beach.
All together the beach is about 4 kilometers long. The beach has fine sand and there are some trees for natural shade. At the end of August and in September this magical beach even grows flowers. The sea gets gradually deeper so it is also suited for children. Rock formations in the water make it excellently suited for snorkeling. See if you can find a Naxos eye. This is a special stone that can only be found on Naxos. Beautiful necklaces and rings can be made with this stone. There is a water sport center on a 10-minutes walking distance. Here you can water-ski, rent surfboards, do a banana-ride and much more.
At several places you can rent umbrellas and/or sun beds. Nudity is permitted in some parts of the beach.