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Best villages in Naxos to visit

Blessed with mountainous scenery full of beautiful green valleys and gorges, Naxos boasts several traditional villages. Built on the slopes of mountains or nestled in olive groves, the best villages in Naxos are a perfect example of Cycladic hospitality, with many Naxos accommodation options, and authentic character.

The most historical villages also present a lot of instances of medieval Venetian architecture and ancient ruins. Stay at a welcoming Plaka accommodation, like our Maragas camping, and start exploring the rest of the island from there.

Naxos Town


Naxos Town, the capital and main port of the island, is considered among the best villages in Naxos, due to its authentic character, impressive landscape and rich history. There are several elegant towers and mansions of Venetian and Cycladic architecture, as well as ancient ruins and picturesque paved streets.

The most important landmarks are the Venetian castle above the city, the remains of the ancient Temple of Apollo and its celebrated gate, Portara. For a romantic evening stroll along the town’s waterfront, lined up with plenty of cafeterias, taverns, restaurants and lovely bars.



Distinct in style from other Naxos villages, Apiranthos is a scenic mountainous settlement, set between two verdant valleys, seemingly untouched by time. The Venetian architecture and elegant houses made with fine marble make up a fantastic scenery.

All around the village are nice little squares with cosy cafes and taverns to spend a calm day. Rich in history and tradition, Apiranthos has also many interesting sights, such as the impressive church of Panagia Apeirathitissa, the ruins of an old windmill and three museums.



Found on the northern part of the island, in the region of Tragea, renowned for its olive cultivation, Halki is one of the most fertile and picturesque places in Naxos. The village has a traditional character and a long history, evident in the well- preserved Venetian towers and Byzantine churches scattered all around.

The most famous landmarks include the old church of Panagia, where you can see some wonderful frescoes, and the tower of Gratsia Pyrgos. For a relaxing day in Halki, walk among the beautiful neoclassical houses and have a coffee in pretty traditional cafes in the centre.



Constructed amphitheatrically on the slopes of mountain Zas, in a charming lush valley, the traditional Cycladic village of Filoti has developed in tourism during the last years. Surrounded by olive groves and boasting many charming Byzantine churches, such as the church of Virgin Mary, Filoti is one of the best villages in Naxos.

Its main attraction is a very tall tree in the centre of the village. On the main street of Filoti you will find several nice cafes and excellent restaurants for fine dining and entertainment, as well as many accommodation options in whitewashed houses.


Koronos is a beautiful traditional village on the north-eastern side of the island, about 36km away from Naxos Town. It is built on a verdant mountainside, almost like a gorge, amidst a scenic vineyard valley. This is a typical Cycladic settlement with friendly people and welcoming atmosphere.

Its highlights include the beautiful surrounding vines and two fantastic churches in the centre of the village, the Church of Panagia Agrokiliotissa and the church of Agia Marina. Try the delicious local wine and visit the Old Olive Museum in Koronos to get a taste of local life.